Australian Exclusive
Curated by Talia Smith

Photography has a complicated history, used as an ethnographic tool by colonisers and settlers to document and “other” those from diverse backgrounds. Stripping authorship and ownership, the photographs were more interested in how someone was ‘different’ than the important histories and stories that could be told.

We will all eventually return to the earth interrogates notions of colonisation, authorship, ownership and cultural legacy through the photographic medium. Despite having disparate practices that investigate themes such as identity, familial ties, culture and history, the artists in this exhibition share their cultural stories and histories in the hope of creating space for others to also do so – acknowledging that not all history is written in books.

Featuring Edith Amituanai (NZ), Nathan Beard (AUS), Arini Byng (AUS), Dennis Golding (AUS), Janna Ireland (US), Katayoun Javan (IRN, AUS), Meryl McMaster (CA), Sara Oscar (AUS), SLIPPAGE (AUS), Fiona Pardington (NZ) and Damien Shen (AUS), the exhibition present works that challenge, agitate and question Photography’s history through multiple perspectives, histories and voices to offer an alternative to the Western ideologies that have been presented for years.

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We will all eventually return to the earth
  • We will all eventually return to the earth
    August 28, 2021 - October 24, 2021
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm