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The Ballarat International Foto Biennale thanks our wonderful private donors for their ongoing support.


Join a community whose passion, loyalty and commitment to the arts helps us create extraordinary experiences that energise our city, fulfil its artistic potential and introduce broad audiences to new photography artworks and experiences. Find out more about our annual giving programs COMMISSION CIRCLE, PATRON PROGRAM and GOLDEN RATIO SOCIETY and join our INSPIRING SUPPORTERS whose generosity makes everything you see in our festival possible.

To chat about how you can support, or to enquire about setting up a regular donation, please contact our CEO, Vanessa Gerrans directly at vanessa@ballaratfoto.org



Alicia Linley & Craig Mitchell
Andrew & Jill Oliver
Nick & Sarah Orloff
Mark & Anna Yates


Alane Fineman
Mark & Carolyn Guirguis
June Wilson Trust
Julie Kantor AO
Michael Kantor

Major Patron

Naomi Cleary
Debbie Dadon AM
Mardi Featherston & Stephen Jurica
Sara Hinchey & Tom Pikusa
Elizabeth & Sandy Lewis-Gray
Sally & Sam McKay
Jamie Mulcahy
Paula & Richard Nicholson


Cyril Curtain
Morgan & Jinglu McLay
Jeff Moorfoot OAM
Phillip & Susan Schudmak

Major Supporter

Amelia Bartak & Murray McKeich
Sally Browne AM
Carolyn Buckley
Jane Collinson & Dale Brown
Jane Fisher
Milton & Penny Harris
Neil & June Jens
Evan Lowenstein
Meakin Charitable Fund
John & Karin Nelson
Fiona Prince
Warryn Robertson
Ross Sparks
Mick & Sam Staley
Marsha Tauber
Rosemary Walls
Andrew Walsh AM
Susana & Steven Yung


Lisa Anderson
Sari Baird
Angela Carli
Vicki Coltman
Peter & Jane Elliston
Christina Fitzgerald
Craig Fletcher
Merle Hathaway
Helen Landau
Lynne McLennan & John McLeod
Serena Mitchell
David McConville
Tara Poole
Hedy Ritterman
Eva Sweet
Milton Wordley

Trusts & Foundations

Besen Family Foundation
Bardas Foundation
Dara Foundation
Ian Potter Foundation
Thyne Reid Foundation


Gary Albert
Chloe Bartram
Elaine Batton
Gaye Beal
Anita Beaney
Tina Bennett
Peter Berzanskis
Tom Blachford
Marc Bongers
Deb Bonney

Laurie Brackley
Greg Branson
Lesley Bretherton
Stuart Brightwell
Kagetsu Buic
Emma Burnham
John Callahan
Camberwell Camera Club
Oxygen College
Janet Copeland

Donna Crebin
Rebecca Croft
Des Crossley
Martha Ackroyd Curtis
Mark Davidson
Shelagh Douglas
Jonathan Dredge
Paul Dunn
Natalie Edge
Jane Fitzgerald

Lainey Foster
Andree Gersbeck
Anthony Ginns
Finn Goldstraw
Carolyn Guirguis
Stephen Hennessy
Tim Henshall
Sara Hinchey
Gabrielle Hingston
Rebecca Hosking

David Jones
Ian Kemp
Bronwyn Kidd
Paul Lambeth
Thomas Lee
Meghan Lee
Kaye  Linsdell
Angelo Mao
Georgina Matherson
Erin McClusky

Noeleen McKeag
Ben Metherell
Tara Moore
Christopher Mulia
Charles Murdock
Anne O'Connor
Stuart Orford
Vladamir Petrovic
Naomi Rahim
Nikole Ramsay

Nikole Ramsay
Dun Rilloraza
David Rosendale
Andrew Rowan
Rob Senior
Jon Setter
Tamara Sharp
Peter Sparkman
Renée Sterling
Sam Tench
Michelle Thompson

Adrian Tusek
John Umina
Katie Vajda
Heidi Victoria
April Welfare
Chris Whitefield
Xiaolan Yao
Henry Yates
Xiang Yin
Unexposed Collective

National Centre For Photography


Alastair Firkin & Helen Myall


Kathy Hancock in memory of Al Ebenreuter


Alicia Linley & Craig Mitchell
Michael Prior


Dara Foundation
June Wilson Trust


Bert Wilson Trust
Thea Linley
John & Kellie Livingston
Lovell Chen
Andrew & Jill Oliver
Fiona Sweet & Paul Newcombe