This panel conversation will be based on the individual and shared experiences of initiating photobook projects and the process of bringing them to fruition, hearing from members of the Melbourne Photobook Collective: Anne Davies, Stuart Murdoch, Suzanne Phoenix, Mike Reed and William Stewart.

Focussing on one project each, the artists will talk about the initiating idea, making the photographs, book design issues, printing, launching, exhibiting and distributing.

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About Melbourne Photobook Collective
The Melbourne Photobook Collective is a group of artists and photographers based in and around Melbourne. Our collaboration is founded on a shared interest in making and talking about photobooks. We participate in art and photobook events where we sell our work and talk with others about making and reading photobooks.

About Anne Davies
Anne Davies, a photographic artist, has a particular interest in photobooks that push the boundaries in pursuit of a rich story. Her practice includes creating small, unique, handmade photobooks as well as limited edition series. Playing with the concertina structure in her recent Fence Series has given her an opportunity to work with the idea in a very intimate way.

About Stuart Murdoch
Stuart Murdoch explores chance, time and the quotidian as he wanders the urban edges of Melbourne looking to siphon off the unusual, odd or quirky. As a visual artist, he creates for a variety of mediums, some online, others more visceral and tactile. He lives with his wife and two Devon Rex Kittens in Melbourne’s inner west suburb of Sunshine.

About Suzanne Phoenix
Suzanne is a Melbourne photographer, artist, zine and bookmaker. Photos punctuate her life through portraits, performance, music, the street, and daily life. Suzanne has self-published 6 books during the 2020/2021 lockdowns including large scale collaborative series with artists in Victoria and the community of the Upper Yarra Valley.

About Mike Reed
Having a love of all that is creative, Mike learnt film editing and for more than 33 years managed his own post business, MRPPP. Editing taught Mike to see the more special moments … the quirky, double meaning, juxtaposed oddities of life and his rule number one is always take your camera.

About William Stewart
William has spent the last few years exploring the world, using his camera to capture images. Finding wonder and delight in nature, human history and landscapes he weaves narratives combining words and images to create and share these journeys of discovery. Coming from a background in science and technology and a professional career at the forefront of “tech” with all its hubris of the ever-new, he is intrigued to discover the writings and places, architecture and art of civilisations long gone imbued with echoes of all-too-familiar human passions, glories and failings.

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Panel Conversation: The shape of a photobook project
  • Free Ticket
    October 17, 2021
    10:00 am - 11:30 pm