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Resilience—The Exhibition

Sam Tench

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, a gift of a Nikon camera sparked my photography passion and helped me overcome an eating disorder.
When lockdowns were introduced, I almost regressed, but my photography passion took a unique turn. Instead of evading and feeling negative about lockdown challenges, I faced them with my camera. My pictures, which documented perseverance and adaptability as months passed, led to my book, Resilience, and this exhibition.

Resilience – The Exhibition reflects daily life throughout the pandemic. I hope you see an alternative story for your pandemic experience; a reality transformed—a reality of resilience.

A passion for photography has guided me to a world beyond an eating disorder, to greater awareness and previously shut-off possibilities. My photographs of everyday life express what others cannot see. They are more than moments captured through my lens. They encourage self-discovery and the unfolding truths that lie beneath.


Facebook: @PicHealer

Instagram: @pichealer

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