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Unveiling the Passage of Time and Space

Vladimir Petrovic

This captivating exhibition takes viewers through an extraordinary visual journey, rekindling the artist’s life-long passion for travel and landscape photography. Vladimir Petrovic’s carefully selected images unveil his personal perspective on the places he has encountered throughout his career as artist and photographer. Some images capture fleeting moments, treasured and special, while others convey lasting legacies that surpass the artist’s own existence. In a recognition of the ancient origins of human creativity and existence, these fascinating artworks are printed onto stone. The interplay of light and places invites viewers to contemplate the connection of time, space, and the human experience.

Vladimir Petrovic, a Belgrade-born professional photographer, has spent his life immersed in the realms of music, art, and photography. With a career spanning Europe, New Zealand, and Melbourne, Petrovic’s work encapsulates the unique moments of natural and urban landscapes, using light to evoke a sense of time and space.


Instagram @vladimirphotographyaustralia

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