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Hong Kong by Night

Jane Fitzgerald

“My street photography of Hong Kong is an exploration of the city’s ever-evolving identity. Through capturing candid moments of daily life, I aim to showcase the diverse and dynamic nature of this metropolis.

The hustle and bustle of the streets, the contrasts of old and new architecture, and the interactions of the people all come together to create a visual narrative of the city’s unique character.

This body of work is not just a documentation of a place, but a reflection of the energy and spirit of the people that call Hong Kong home.”

Jane Fitzgerald is a freelance commercial photographer with  a passion for street and documentary styles of photography.

She takes a fine art approach to her images, capturing and  documenting moments. Jane’s love for travel and exploration is reflected in her photography, where she uses her lens to  connect more deeply with a place. She never goes out with a  plan, preferring to let the environment dictate her shots.

With an eye for detail and a love for storytelling. Her  photographs have been featured in numerous publications  and exhibitions, and she has received several awards and  accolades for her work, including a runner up in the last BIFB.

Jane’s clients appreciate her ability to bring their visions to  life and capture the essence of their brand or project in her photographs.


Instagram @janecfitz

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