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Back to the Streets

Alastair Firkin and Helen Myall

We have decided to return to the streets. “Street Photography” gives a representation of a city’s people, culture and emotions, captured by decisive moments, graphic compositions and community scenes. In Paris and Melbourne that might be café life, in Hanoi or Hong Kong crowded streets, in Havana or Santiago the beauty of colour and street art, in Rome and Barcelona the architecture and so on. Photography acts as our ‘aide-mémoire’ and allows us to pursue our love of photography anywhere, national parks, markets, car yards, winding narrow streets or magnificent boulevards. We can feel like flâneurs not tourists!

Helen and Alastair are longtime supporters of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, and have been involved in Photography from Darkroom to Digital. They have jointly presented six exhibitions across the last five festivals. This is a return to the genre of their first two – street photography. Each has won awards for photography.


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