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Carolyn Guirguis

Nature is fragile and beautiful – and ephemeral. Carolyn’s work explores the idea of thread as a metaphor for trying to hold onto the ever-changing beauty that exists all around us. There is something incredibly gentle and free-flowing about working a very loose blanket stitch through the natural forms. It is very playful and almost meditative working with nature in this way. The thread is made of cotton and so there is resonance in the idea that the leaves and fungi will return back into the ground and take the thread with them.

Carolyn is a photographer and mixed media artist who is inspired by nature and beauty. Carolyn grew up in Melbourne and has lived in Ballarat since 2005.  This body of work was created and photographed on the family property “Piermont” – continuing the long line of artists who have great love-affairs with their gardens.





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