• Open Program

The Tree Bears Fruit

Lucius Yin

For me, for a long time, I have been searching for a medium to depict the ideal relationship between humans and nature as envisioned in my heart. I wanted to portray it in a way that is centered around humanity, without a condescending perspective. Then, one day, I realized that trees and fruits serve as the perfect metaphor. We are all children of nature, the fruits of the natural world. Once we reconnect with mother earth, we blossom and bear abundant fruits. Through my photographs, void of any artificial creations or even clothing, I strive to showcase the striking similarities between us and nature. Our bodies are simply a reflection of nature’s patterns.

Born in 1987 in Nanjing, China, I pursued my studies in Shanghai, the largest metropolis in the country. Currently residing in Victoria, Australia, I am deeply aware of the alienation and objectification of individuals in the urban environment, as well as the profound pain caused by the disconnection between humans and nature. My artwork repeatedly portrays this anguish, calling for a return to one’s authentic soul and a reconnection with nature, seeking genuine healing and enduring tranquility.



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