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Martha Ackroyd Curtis

A ravishing collection of images of the exquisite realm of queer bloom. An awakening of the senses, taking a glimpse through collections of photographs like stills from classic cinema. From intimate photography ‘The Her Series’ and classicism to live performance on stage and street photographs showing fierce strength, might and power from Victoria’s Pride.

The series of works are from the pages of Decadence a new published volume of photography that covers the oeuvre of the photographer and her subject. Reading the pages you will also visit poems that add insight into the mind of emotional intelligence and the feminine lens.

Martha Ackroyd Curtis is an award winning Australian writer, podcast host, video, installation and multi- medium artist. Her work consists of large-scale installation art, which is formulated through cohesive conceptual design. Auckland Festival of Photography has granted her invitation to take part in two consecutive festivals. Her works have featured in ART /EDIT Magazine, Trouble Magazine Salon, Artist Profile, Time Out, Broadsheet, Sydney Morning Herald. She was selected for a groundbreaking screening at Australia’s esteemed museum dedicated to screen arts and culture ACMI in summer 2022. She has produced a podcast for both Auckland and Contact Photography Festival Toronto, Canada 2023. She also proudly lit up Dundas Square in downtown Toronto with a public art video and digital still screen installation for Contact this May.



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