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The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Ultimate Rivals

Hula Girl Project

‘The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Ultimate Rivals’ is a collaborative project, conceptualised, designed, planned and created by a small group of diverse photographers. The group was formed by members of the Geelong Camera Club inc. Members who had a desire to tell stories and use photography to express social commentaries. This particular project developed out a need to express our commonality and how in today’s society the ‘sins’ are often overshadowed by the subtlety of virtue.

Through this series we explore the everyday manifestation of the seven deadly sins and virtues. How through our seaming mundane lives, our wants, needs and our innermost desires play out the roles within sin and virtue.

The front windscreen of a car frames the story of a couple, playing to stereotypes to an almost cinematic world. This too has an impact on our perception of purity and deception, the role of gender and equality.

Using common themes and humour, this series of composite images engage the viewer and give resonance to morality within our lives and how we choose to live.

Artist: Margaret Metcalfe FAPS EFIAP

Margaret is best known for her portrait work. These images tell captivating stories about her subjects. As a photographic artist, successful and numerous international awards recognizing her talent. Each image showcases her creativity and passion for photography.

Artist: John Conway FAPS EFIAP

John’s passion for photography started in his teens and was reignited by the advent of digital technology. He actively participates in national and international competitions, earning prestigious accolades. John’s main photography interests lie in portraits and sports, and he embraces the various aspects of the art form.

Artist: Heather Prince MAPS, EFIAP

Heather is a Life Member of Geelong Camera Club and a judge and presenter.

She is a passionate photographer and an accomplished user of Photoshop.  Heather has explored most genres of photography, but her special interest is Still Life photography and Altered Reality image compilations.

Artist: Liesel McGregor

With a degree in visual arts from the University of Ballarat, I bring a unique perspective to my work that is informed by my background in sculpture. My goal in photography is to create images that tell stories, inspire emotions, and capture the essence of what makes each subject truly special.

Artist: Anne Buckley

“My photography journey began as a child – always drawn to image, rather than word. Passionate pursuit soon ensued and continues many years on. I long ago knew the most important images I wished to make were those which portray a message to the viewer, evoke thought, and hopefully messages invoking change.

Artist: Julie Begg, EFIAP, MAPS

An eclectic visionary, this photographer finds joy in exploring the diverse realms of photography. From captivating landscapes to intimate portraits, street photography to abstract compositions, Julie’s lens paints a vivid tapestry of life. With boundless curiosity and artistic versatility, her portfolio is an unfolding visual narrative.

Liesal McGregor

Margaret Metcalfe

Heather Prince

John Conway

Julie Begg

Instagram @the.hula.girl.project


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