• Open Program

The Little Things

Ballarat and Wimmera Youth Photographers

Young photographers (aged 15- 25) from Ballarat and Wimmera communities, with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, capture moments of connection, resilience, joy, and serendipity. This a powerful photography series explores ‘the little things’ that support wellbeing and bring hope amidst everyday mundanity.

Visitors are invited to use an instant printer to add their own reflections and images to an interactive photo wall, open Saturdays and Sundays until October 1.

This is a wonderful school holiday activity with a youth and family friendly hang out space.

Where is your ‘happy place’? When do you feel calm, happy, or hopeful?

Group members
Nyadeor: Nyadeor is South Sudanese, living in regional Victoria. Her photography is inspired by capturing the little things in life. She has an interest in fashion and loves spending time with her friends.

Aditi: Proudly Nepalese, Aditi is a passionate advocate for youth mental health and social equity. Her photography is driven by an appreciation for the small moments of serendipity she sees around her.

Ehkyaykyaw Thaei: Ehkyaykyaw lives in a small Wimmera town and was born in Thailand. His favourite things to do are to explore new places, do new things, and try new food.

Kwae: Kwae was born in Thailand and now lives in a small Wimmera town. He is 21 and likes exploring new places.

Nyajima: Nyajima has a South Sudanese background and feels a strong connection to Ballarat, where she grew up and now pursues a career as a beautician. A passionate athlete and creative soul, she uses photography to capture moments of wellbeing in her busy life.

Nyajal: A dedicated aged care worker and nursing student from a South Sudanese background, Nyajal sees strong, respectful relationships as vital to wellbeing. Her photography explores connections with family and friends, community, and place.

Nyaruot: Nyaruot’s photography explores the fulfilment she finds in art and beauty in the world around her. As both a musician and photographer, she recognises creative practice, and the connection, expression, and perspective it brings, as important to our wellbeing.

Meg: Meg was born and raised in Ballarat, and has a mixed cultural background. A researcher and youth worker, Meg sees ‘wellbeing’ as something that we continually do more than something that we can obtain or pursue.

Mu Si Ler: Mu Si enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves spending time out in nature and enjoying the fantastic views and all the fresh air. She also loves spending time in her bed and doing nothing.

Jeminah: Jeminah is from Papua New Guinea and lives in the Wimmera region of Victoria. She has a strong connection to her traditions and culture.

Oh Pweh: Oh Pweh comes from Thailand and is Karen (an ethnic group from Thailand and Myanmar). She likes to spend her time listening to music.

Other group members:
Anna, Bangoang, Jasper, Kuku Taw, Nyaw Nay, P’Leah, Reelay, Sarah & Smiley.

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