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Lauren Crooke

Permission is latest exhibition from the female lens of Perth nude photography artist, Lauren Crooke. The collection will feature Crooke’s signature Nudescapes (nude-lanscapes) plus a selection of individual portraits accompanied by personal essays that reflect the message. Permission empowers viewers and participants alike while challenging our conditioned responses to the female nude, inciting conversations and fostering awareness about the relationship between gender, nudity, and consent, and encourages viewers to reflect on their feelings about the concept of Permission.

Perth nude photography artist and entrepreneur, Lauren Crooke, combines art with activism through her breathtaking and thought-provoking mass group nude photoshoots showing women and non-binary bodies how they deserve to be seen, as works of art through the female lens. Crooke has become a figurehead for women in the photography industry and uses her photography as her vessel to promote change.



Instagram @thelaurenporren | @crooked_images


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