• Open Program

The Garden State

Dun Rilloraza

The Garden State. Inspired by old Victorian number plate slogans “Garden State” and “On the Move”, Victoria is truly “the place to be”.

In a fast-paced world, we almost take it for granted the natural beauty of our own backyard. Dun’s first exhibition offers the nostalgia of living in Victoria, becoming a tourist in his own state. Exploring and experiencing along the sweeping coastlines of The Great Ocean Road, national park of the Grampians and Ballarat which he calls home.

Reminiscence of family trips, the long car rides and it’s only fitting that these photos are taken on 35mm film.

Dun Rilloraza is Australian grown, with Filipino roots. He’s self-taught and only started film photography in 2020, from finding old film photography stored up in the family cupboard, saw a life before he was born, the untold travels and childhood memories. Preserving moments in time for future generations to come.


Instagram: @dunsdiaries

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