• Open Program

Bush Magic

Jonathan Dredge

The Australian bush is a place that is both earthy and grounded yet inspires a sense of awe and mysticism. Bush magic delves into this dichotomy through a combination of stunning bird portraits and carefully curated botanic still life images. Up close bird photographs reveal these creature’s intimate details and pervasive sense of wildness. Abandoned animal workings such as nests and hives are carefully collected, arranged and lit to reveal their intrinsic beauty and complexity. The series evokes our longing for connection with the natural world and invites us to explore the wildness within our own human condition.

Jonathan Dredge is a fine art photographer with a focus on film and alternative processes. His work is earthy and grounded, yet imbued with a sense of spirituality and symbolism. With a B.A. Photography from RMIT, he has exhibited broadly and won numerous awards for his work.


Instagram @jonathandredgeart

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