• Open Program

Steel and Serenity: A Journey Into My Father’s Workshop

Kaye Linsdell

Step into a visual journey chronicling the captivating world of my father’s cherished workshop. In 2021, I embarked on a heartfelt project to document the well-equipped engineering power house that helped define my upbringing. Admire the aesthetics and elegance of the tools and equipment from a bygone age, as well as the atmospheric natural light. Dive into the space that expressed my father’s creative character as he used his engineering skills to design and solve everyday mechanical problems as well as bespoke machinery.  Immerse yourself in the images that invite you to cherish the essence of this extraordinary workshop.

Raised on the family orchard in Bacchus Marsh and now residing in Port Melbourne, this artist has been dedicated to photography since 2018. Drawing inspiration from Jane Ussher’s iconic documentation of Scott and Shackleton’s huts, their work focuses on still life captured in natural light, aiming to convey emotional depth.

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