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Beneath The Surface

Nikole Ramsay

Beneath The Surface explores our deep connection to the ocean and it’s power to nourish and heal, while also capturing the beauty and sense of mystery experienced under the water, that is often unseen.

Nikole wanted to visually translate the joy felt in the water, the power and beauty of the ocean, as well as the awe and wonder we can experience when immersed in the practice of swimming. The exhibition comprises of ocean images, underwater photographs, body-scapes and aerial photography, capturing the varied environments one can explore with different types of swimming; wild solo swimming, playful dips, swimming at sunrise and swimming under moonlight.

Nikole Ramsay is a commercial photographer who resides on the Bellarine Peninsula, Her work is inspired by her love of daily ocean swimming, the tides and the ever changing coastline of her surrounds. “Photography is my passion and the way that I stay connected to the world around me.”




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