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Justice | Enough

Rebecca Hosking

Documenting the powerful protest and movement of the Women’s March 4 Justice rallies in Geelong and Torquay in March 2021 via the photographic style of photojournalism.

March4Justice, is a cultural moment, in Australia’s recent history.

110,000 people marched on March 15 2021, in 200+ protests, in every Australia state and territory, in a statement to end gendered violence and support equality.

The exhibition is to mark this moment in Australia’s culture and continue to give voice and visibility to the issue and power of women and allies to speak up, be heard, be visible, and activate positive change.

Rebecca Hosking is a visionary award winning photographic artist, who creates unique, deeply philosophical, engaging, and immersive art.

The Fairhaven Fine Art Photographer and Digital Producer is inspired to create a nucleus for a sustainable future with a focus on the themes of women, culture, environment, and a sense of place.


Instagram @RebeccaHoskingPhotography


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