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Hey Melbourne

Thomas K. Lee

I developed ‘ Hey Melbourne ‘ during the global pandemic caused by Covid.’ This project involved capturing photographs from sunrise to sunset and throughout the night. The series encompasses a wide range of emotions, including both pleasure and sorrow. I perceive the entirety of the Universe as a vibrant energy and endeavour to express its vitality through my photographic compositions.

Nature serves as a reminder that the Universe bears most responsibilities in the world, prompting me to prioritise my happiness.

The atmospheric perspective in the final photographs revitalises my emotions, allowing them to resurface again. A sense of gratitude fills my heart as I gaze upon Melbourne from a distance.

Thomas K Lee resided in Tasmania, where he was captivated by the unspoiled beauty of the state. This experience inspired him to preserve and showcase the natural environment through his work. Subsequently, he relocated to Melbourne to pursue formal studies in photography at RMIT University. His photography skilfully merges the essence of nature with human inhabitation, creating a harmonious fusion of the two elements.


Instagram @thomaskleephotography


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