• Open Program


Des Crossley

Welcome to our extraordinary photo exhibition where, screen printing, and the art of photography converge.

Embark on a captivating journey through thought-provoking visuals that explore the tapestry of society and life itself.

Each artwork transcends the boundaries of conventional photography, igniting conversations that challenge perceptions and awaken new perspectives.

Delve into the intricate mesh of emotions, stories, and experiences that shape our world.

Join us as we celebrate the power of art to provoke, inspire, and transform.

Engage with these evocative creations, and together, let us redefine the boundaries of perception and ignite a dialogue that resonates within us all.

Des Crossley, Melbourne based. My work is usually full of colour, humour, and provoking elements. I love to create immersive images by blending what I capture in in film or digital with the texture and layers of screen printing.

I strive to craft powerful artworks that captivate or simply provoke conversation.


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