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The Extraordinarily Ordinary: A Celebration of Serendipity in the Outback

Lainey Foster

Experience unexpected moments, scenes and encounters that delight and deviate from typical representations of Outback Australia.

Lainey Foster, an internationally-acclaimed Melbourne photographer, blends film and digital artistry, unveiling an unconventional perspective. Through thoughtful compositions and attention to seemingly insignificant details, storytelling unfolds, revealing the interplay of light, shadow, exquisite nuances, and raw charm, defining Foster’s vision.

With gratitude as her guiding star, Foster radiates beauty and appreciation in every frame, her debut solo exhibition serendipitously shining at Ballarat’s North Star Hotel. Witness the magic when gratitude intertwines with an open mind on the open roads of the Outback.

Lainey Foster is a visionary creative celebrating a career as producer, stylist, and marketer for some of Australia’s iconic brands. Now, with a camera in hand, this proud Melbournian emerges as an internationally-acclaimed photographer, capturing unconventional beauty infused with gratitude as she honours the extraordinary amidst the ordinary.

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