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Christopher Mulia

Nature, terrain, topography, and geology intertwine as I delve into the intricate relationship between landscapes and power dynamics. I aim to provoke contemplation on how landscapes can be used as tools of political, social, and cultural domination, while also serving as sites of resistance and contestation as well as that landscapes are not mere passive representations of the natural world but are actively involved in shaping and reflecting power dynamics. A space is meticulously crafted for profound dialogue and introspection, prompting viewers to contemplate the profound impact that landscapes wield over our collective consciousness and the construction of our world.

Chris is an Indonesian artist currently living and working in Sydney. My practice revolves around black-and-white analog and digital photography, with a focus on capturing the essence of landscapes and nature. Through my lens, I delve into the powerful nature of landscapes and their surroundings, exploring their inherent energy and strength.


Instagram @ceppyxx

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