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Look Me in the Eye

Tim Henshall

In this series I have photographed a range of people who live with a disability. While we may look different and live our lives differently to one another, we all have very similar basic needs, wants, and loves. We may have a label applied to us by others, but it should not define who we are. According to genetics, we are 99.9% similar to one another so in reality, the differences are merely a perception.

Tim Henshall is a photographer based in Ocean Grove. He graduated from PSC in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Photography in 2016 and has since gone on to have created work for many local businesses and individuals from Melbourne to Apollo Bay. In 2022 released his book “Salty Dogs” which features over 80 dogs from his local area all taken over the past 5 years.

Tim was recently awarded a grant from the City of Greater Geelong Community Grants to produce the series Look Me in the Eye which has been exhibited in Geelong prior to coming to Ballarat.


Instagram @timhenshallphotography

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