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Andree Gersbeck

Living in central Victoria, it can be pretty exhilarating driving around when photography is your passion.

These photographs hopefully reflect this. Whether it’s the age-old living, breathing paddock giant of a tree, or the silver-grey remnant of a tree that once lived; an endless vista of rolling wheat fields or livestock returning your gaze; brooding gathering clouds or an abandoned wool shed – these can inspire awe with the right light at the right moment.

Photography is the process that captures this.

The toy camera is the medium that turns it into poetry.

Andree Gersbeck has been working with a toy camera since he graduated in media studies ages ago, using it to capture places and moments in many countries around the world .

He currently draws inspiration from the seasons, structures, landscapes and streetscapes that surround him in central Victoria

Instagram @thetoycameraguy

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