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Dual Perspectives: Iceland

Madeline Bowser and Ben Metherell

This exhibition is an artistic collaboration between photographers Madeline Bowser and Ben Metherell, representing a collection of film and digital photographs capturing the essence of the Icelandic landscape.

Positioned in pairs, the photographs provide an intriguing interplay of the photographers’ individual perspectives on the same locations, showcasing the diversity of artistic expression that can emerge from a singular subject.

The body of work invites the viewer to engage with the Icelandic landscape and locations that evoke Iceland’s unique spirit and inspire a deeper appreciation of the beauty of this remarkable country.

Formally trained in fine art photography, Madeline’s photographs represent her preference for monotonal and cooler colours, rendering a scene down to its simplest forms. Photographing both film and digital, Madeline seeks out situations that may be overlooked or bypassed during everyday life.

Ben grew up taking photos but fell out of touch with photography in the digital age. When he started using a vintage medium format camera he rediscovered the joy of taking time to photograph. He now shoots entirely on film with a variety of analogue cameras.


Instagram @haeliophoto @bmetherell


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