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Tina Bennett

I use photography to find beauty and joy in the world around me even in simple objects and scenes. This body of work explores the beauty of plants and flowers as they endure over time even after they die. I use still life to contrast the dried flowers and plants against man made objects.  The use of both studio and natural light in an interior setting with a range of backdrops creates a number of different aesthetics. Colours range from natural/muted tones to higher contrast with a darker background.

I studied Art and Design and majored in Fine Art as a young adult with painting being my go to creative outlet. Photography came to me later in life beginning in force at the start of Covid as I used it to express my creativity.  After completing ‘The Art of Photography’ course with Ian Kemp in Ballarat I was absolutely hooked.  Like my painting, the use of Still Life as a genre in my photography provides the perfect platform to present images that show the beauty and joy in the world around me.


Instagram @tinajben

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