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Echoes of Silence

Gary Albert

Before the city awakens, the empty streets, quiet corners and laneways evoke a mood that is both contemplative and peaceful. The isolation and solitude permeating the city during these early hours was the atmosphere that allowed me to showcase Ballarat’s unique beauty and character. The enduring existence of the historic buildings serves as a powerful reminder of their importance. They bear witness to the passage of time and reflect the stories of life and lives lived. “Echoes of Silence” is a portrait of Ballarat’s legacy, celebrating its beauty, history, and character and an invitation to explore the soul of the city and the stories hidden in plain sight.

Gary Albert is an Australian photographer who draws inspiration from landscape, nature, architecture and street photography, with a passion for both digital and film. His projects evolve from a growing body of work, culminating in limited-edition books, magazines, and ultra-high- resolution prints that bring his work to life.

Instagram @photolifescapes


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