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Angelo Jojo

“Connected” is a captivating digital installation that utilizes webcams, microprocessors, and computer vision to digitize the room. Through an algorithm, the camera captures the space and transforms it into large pixels, displaying their luminosity on the screen. The installation responds to viewer movement and numbers, with clearer effects as more individuals are detected. This raw representation of digital photography explores how our reality is translated into the digital realm, evoking a constant sense of connection to our surroundings. As a neurodivergent artist, this ever-evolving work reflects my relationship with the world—a perpetual connection mingled with an outsider’s perception. It aims to understand my self-perception within the realm of my closest non-human companion, the computer.

Angelo Mao is an emerging neurodivergent media artist whose artistic practice centers around the convergence of computer graphics, computer vision, and photography. His work delves into the lived experience of ADHD and social anxiety, utilizing these elements as a catalyst for exploration. By investigating the concept of affordance and the dynamic interplay between ubiquitous computing and human interaction, Mao seeks to navigate his own anxiety and create a new realm for introspection. His thought-provoking art prompts us to ponder how digital photography perceives and represents our realities.


Instagram @M19angelo

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