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Workshop: Product Photography for E-Commerce with Travis Trewin

Travis Trewin

What to Expect

Creating great product images is one of the most important steps to selling online. This hands-on workshop will assist small e-commerce business owners in selecting the right equipment and the best techniques for shooting their products.

Catering for all equipment budgets, this workshop will demonstrate shooting on a range of cameras, from professional DSLR and mirrorless to smartphones. Both artificial and daylight lighting is explored, including simple DIY options to get you started.

Participants will learn how to style their images and navigate challenging items, such as highly reflective and small products. Some simple processing techniques on both desktop and phone applications will complete this informative workshop.

This workshop has a capacity of 12 students.

What to Bring

  • Your camera
  • A smartphone (optional)
  • A laptop or iPad for image evaluation
  • Your lunch
  • A water bottle


Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of this workshop, students will:
  • Understand the best camera gear for their needs.
  • Understand which settings and lighting options will suit their product photography needs, and draw from skills developed in the workshop to test out alternative setups.
  • Have learned how to photograph using a smartphone and DSLR.
  • Be able to apply basic processing and troubleshooting techniques to their images/setups.
  • Feel confident about styling their ecommerce images.


About Your Teacher

Travis Trewin is a commercial photographer, specialising in product photography. A graduate of RMIT University, he commenced his photographic career as a photography assistant, learning from one of Melbourne’s top food photographers. He has worked for clients such as Cadbury and Heinz and has collaborated on multiple cookbooks published by Penguin Random House. Travis moved into cinematography and video production work in the late 1990’s and has lectured at Oxygen College in Ballarat and Geelong for the past seven years. He currently heads their Digital Content Creation program that incorporates photography, video production and design.

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