• Open Program

Queer Em’body’ment

Natalie Edge

Natalie explores queer bodies and the ways in which we can use the body to paint pictures. Creating beautiful images with the use of negative space and composition to tell just a small part of the story, giving the viewer a chance to use their imagination to create the rest. Tired of seeing similar types of bodies and looks in the media, Natalie wants to showcase a variety of Queer looks using creative photography to explore a diverse group of people. Natalie has always been inspired by photographers such as Helmet Newton and Annie Leibovitz as well as pop artists and painters from the 60s such as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and David Hockney.

I’m a Melbourne based creative photographer from Liverpool, England. I range from street photography to portraiture. My work often reflects the human experience, I love to capture a beautiful moment in time. My current work concentrates on portraying humans within the Queer community, reflecting a more diverse version than we are used to seeing in the media.


Instagram @natalie.edge_photography

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