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Historical Relief

Georgina Matherson

Returning to Ballarat in 2022 I am excited to explore the place I spent my childhood and youth. I have applied my style of abstract photography to the architecture and history of the Ballarat pub, to adorn the walls of a new Establishment, The Grainery in Armstrong St. Working site specific is very important in my process, the photographs must speak to the exhibition space and vice versa.

I explore the intersection between the Built world and the Living world, what we produce, engineer, construct and the interplay between these. This is represented in my work via two main styles, the Document Photograph and the Abstract photograph.

The Document photographs are collections of my own devising, which I then collate and document in studio. The abstract work is developed during and after extensive research into a chosen Place/Location, the images are shot documentary style then distorted and abstracted using illustration techniques.


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