Virtual Exhibitions

We are thrilled to share new virtual worlds which house a selection of the 2021 Biennale’s Core Program exhibitions online. Wherever you are, you can explore these interactive digital exhibitions, which allow you to move through the gallery spaces and the outdoor exhibition as you would in person.

For two exhibitions at the National Centre For Photography and We will all eventually return to the earth at the Mining Exchange, we invite you to connect with your friends and other audience members, to experience this new way of viewing and engaging with our curated program.

Both of these virtual exhibitions are not only a digital space, they are also a social space. Visit this exhibition with a friend who is on another computer, and you will appear to each other as 3D avatars and provided the microphones on your computers are on, you will be able to talk to each other just like you would in person.

Experience the exhibitions below.

Please review the instructions included below. These exhibitions are best experienced on a desktop/laptop computer, rather than a mobile device.

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TheNational Centre For Photography and We will all eventually return to the earth exhibitions have been built in a 3D virtual space called Mozilla Hubs. To enter the space and experience the exhibitions, click on the individual buttons below

  1. Click the “Join Room” button when it appears and you will initially materialise outside the exhibition building.
  2. To enter and move around, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  3. To change the direction you are facing, press the left button on your mouse and drag the mouse around.
  4. Just like physical buildings at this time, this virtual exhibition space also has a maximum capacity. No more than 24 visitors may be in it at any one time. So if you can’t get in because of this, we encourage you try again later.

    The virtual exhibitions contain a lot of images and image textures, so you may experience difficulties if you attempt to access them on a mobile device. For the best experience, enter these exhibitions on a desktop or laptop computer.

National Centre For Photography

Alix Marie, Styx
Co-commissioned by the Ballarat International Foto Biennale and Photoworks (UK), Styx sees French artist Alix Marie delve further into her interest in water deities, the intersection between the body and its representation, and an expansive idea of photography. Using largescale cyanotypes, sound and video, the artist creates an immersive installation exploring the fragility of the contemporary world order.

Steven Arnold, Notes from a Queer Mystic
Steven Arnold (1943 – 1994) was a quintessential icon ahead of his time – a revolutionary figure whose ideas and legacy have become strongly relevant in the cultural conversation of today. Capturing the mystical spirit, exquisite sensitivity and revolutionary essence of the artist, Steven Arnold’s images portray creatures of beauty and elegance, intricacy and identity.

We will all eventually return to the earth

Curated by Talia Smith. Despite having disparate practices that investigate themes such as identity, familial ties, culture and history, the artists in this exhibition share their cultural stories and histories whilst interrogating notions of colonisation, authorship, ownership and cultural legacy through the photographic medium. Featuring Edith Amituanai (NZ), Nathan Beard (AUS), Arini Byng (AUS), Dennis Golding (AUS), Janna Ireland (USA), Katayoun Javan (IRN, AUS), Meryl McMaster (CA), Sara Oscar (AUS), SLIPPAGE (AUS), Fiona Pardington (NZ) and Damien Shen (AUS).

Say it with Flowers

Curated by Kat Clarke. A site-responsive exhibition at the Ballarat General Cemetery, Say it with Flowers responds to memory, mortality, longing and community. The exhibition is a meditation on the significance of flowers and land within the framework of nostalgia and memory. Featuring Pat Brassington (AUS), Derrick Duan (AUS), Eva Fernandez (AUS), Snehargho Ghosh (IND), James Henry (AUS), Pieter Hugo (ZAF), Pia Johnson (AUS), Rebecca Memoli (USA), Luis Mora (COL), Jon Paley (AUS), Pitcha Makin Fellas (AUS), Nusra Latif Qureshi (PAK), Anthony Scibelli (AUS), Michael Jalaru Torres (AUS) and Arabelle Zhuang (SGP).

This virtual exhibition takes the form of a virtual tour, made up of 360 photos taken along the route of the physical exhibition in Ballarat General Cemetery.

The Ballarat International Foto Biennale Digital Program is proudly supported by the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – An Australian Government initiative.

The Ballarat International Foto Biennale is an official event partner of the Digital Innovation Festival and the BIFB Digital Program is sponsored by the Victorian Government as a feature of the Emerging Tech and Digital Inclusion program. 

Virtual environments created by Warren Armstrong.