Student Portfolio Review

Saturday 26th August

The Student Portfolio Review gives art and other students a chance to have their portfolios reviewed by respected arts and photography professors from various universities in Ballarat and Melbourne. This opportunity allows students to gain valuable feedback and constructive critique on their portfolios, helping improve their chances of getting into art school and providing them with direction and guidance.

We are offering fifteen-minute face-to-face reviews with (4) four reviewers from our selection of industry experts, who will provide you with indispensable insight and advice.

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*Please note, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences for reviewers, however this is not guaranteed.

Please find below our reputed Student Reviewers:


  • Alan Hill

    Photographer and Associate Lecturer of Photography | RMIT University

    Alan Hill is a photographer and Associate Lecturer of Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne. His personal work regularly returns to an examination of human practice through investigating the spaces we create, inhabit and interact with. He regularly collaborates with Kelly Hussey-Smith on projects that explore societal and ideological positions, with a particular interest in transitioning relationships between economy and community. They are co-authors of The Central Queensland Project, an exploration of the social impacts of the mining boom in this economically powerful but invisible region, and most recently Aura, which uses forensic techniques to make visible some of the relationships created by global trade.

    He is completing a doctoral research project centered on developing cooperative image production practices with social justice movements and seeks to contribute to discourses around documentary photography through projects such as the recent Nepal Nonfiction Visual Storytelling Symposium/Workshop/Education-Festival.

  • Chrissie Smith

    Lecturer & Coordinator of Communication Design | Federation University

    Chrissie is a lecturer and course coordinator of the Bachelor of Communication Design at FedUni. Prior to joining the Arts Academy in 2009, Chrissie had extensive experience working within the design industry. Originally from New Zealand she studied at the Whanganui School of Design and moved to Melbourne to take up a position with Myer Grace Bros as senior designer. From there she moved to the central highland region to set up and run her own design/photography studio.

    Her client list included VIC Health, DHS, Ports of Melbourne, University of Ballarat as well as many smaller local clients. Her current research, the subject of her Masters degree, investigates the experience of design practitioners in collaborative creative processes. Her research focuses more specifically on co-design because of its scope as a multi disciplinary collaborative practice and its current application as a tool for social innovation.

  • Kelly Hussey-Smith

    Lecturer in Photography | RMIT

    Kelly Hussey-Smith is a Melbourne based artist working in photography and video. Her work has been exhibited and screened in Australia, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, the United States, and China. She is a former editor of the Australian PhotoJournalist and was part of a team that established the Centre for Documentary Practice. She is currently working on Apart & A Part, a long-term project with individuals who grew up in institutional care in Australia, and several co-authored projects with Alan Hill including Fibro Coast, The Central Queensland Project, and Aura.

    Kelly taught for five years into the Photography program at the Queensland College of Art before relocating to Melbourne where she now teaches at RMIT University. She has written and delivered several courses including the Expanded Documentary studio at RMIT University and the Non-Fiction Education Festival co-designed with Alan Hill and run for the first time in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2016.

  • Dr. Kiron Robinson

    Lecturer in photography | Victorian College of the Arts

    Kiron Robinson is a Melbourne based artist. Utilizing a range of material strategies including neon, video, photography and installation his work investigates the idea of doubt, faith and failure as constructive devices. He believes in working in groups as long as you know who is in charge, repeating yourself again and again and again and has a passing interest in scout halls.

    Since 2003 Robinson has exhibited his work widely both nationally and internationally. Two recent solo exhibitions include, We told ourselves we needed separate beds to sleep, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne; Hello. You’ve made it, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne.

    Robinson has also partaken in a number of residencies including the inbound residency program through Apexart, New York, and from 2005 – 2007 Robinson was a Gertrude Contemporary studio resident.

    Robinson is currently a lecturer in the photography school at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University.

  • Patrick Rodriguez

    Lecturer in Photography | CATC Design school

    Patrick Rodriguez is a Colombian born photographer based in Melbourne since 2002.

    For the last 10 years he has successfully managed his own freelance photography business (, collaborating closely with clients in design, architecture and editorial industries and of late with local government. Alongside his commercial work he has run his own Fine Art photography practice and his work has been showcased in several exhibitions and specialist design and photography books.

    Parallel to his freelance photography practice, Patrick has also worked as a photography lecturer at tertiary level for the last 6 years in institutions such as RMIT and CATC Design School.

    Only Available for the Afternoon Session

  • William W. Aung

    Lecturer in Photography | CATC Design school

    William w. Aung is a Melbourne-based educator and photographer born in Burma.

    He moved to Singapore when he was nineteen and lived there for fifteen years, before moving to Australia. He completed his diploma and a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design. Since his youth, he has always held a deep passion for all things creative from music, animations to visual arts, and specialises in photography & digital imaging. After graduation, he started his career in design & computer arts and later moved on to running commercial and fashion photography works. He then found his passion in art education, and teaching and nurturing creative talents since 2005.

    He moved to Melbourne to teach and manage the Diploma of Photo Imaging at the CATC Design school and aims to make a difference in providing quality photography education focusing on unique individual talents.

    Only Available for the Morning Session

  • Sally Brownbill

    Creative Advisor | Lecturer

    Sally Brownbill, a trained commercial photographer, is now one of Australia’s most highly respected creative intermediaries.

    A much sought-after judge, lecturer and keynote speaker, Sally has developed a professional reputation in Australia and overseas as the authoritative voice on folio construction, career advice and editing images for exhibition and web.

    Sally comes in with a fresh set of eyes and ears and looks at the work from a totally different perspective to the creator.
    She helps to make sense of the images and has a very real talent for being able to create a folio that not only impresses but one that the creator can feel proud of and most importantly show their personality in.

    She understands that editing your own images is a tough thing to do. For more than 15 years, she has been running individual sessions with photographers and other creatives to guide them though image selection, career questions along with being a great source of inspiration and helping them to reignite and realise their passion.

  • Maurizio Salvati

    Photography and Photo Imaging teacher | Melbourne Polytechnic

    Maurizio Salvati has been a Photography teacher since 2006.

    He is Professionally motivated to promote the highest achievements and learning experiences for his students. He actively promotes the Photo Imaging program within the institute with cross-programs collaboration and in the photographic community organises public events and creates industry based network opportunities for his students.

    As a professional photographer he has collaborated with top Melbourne commercial studios and operated as a freelancing photographer. From 2008 he has mainly been concentrating on teaching and on personal documentary projects. He has an ongoing participation to professional development, both as a practising artist as well as an educator.

  • Jerry Galea

    Industry Fellow in Photography | RMIT

    Jerry Galea is an editorial photographer based in Australia specializing in editorial and lifestyle imagery. During his thirty-year photographic career, Jerry has worked throughout many continents for several International humanitarian aid organisations including, World Vision, Oxfam, Save the Children Fund, and the International Federation of Red Cross.

    Jerry has worked for leading daily newspapers / national and international magazines and has numerous commercial clients. He has a degree in Photography and achieved first class honors in documentary at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. In 2005 jerry photographed the Commonwealth Baton for twelve months through East &West Africa, the Caribbean Islands, South America and the Pacific Islands. 

    Jerry is currently an Industry Fellow at RMIT University in the BA Photography program and is currently doing his PhD. ‘Mongolian Lens: Exploring Mongolian Society in Transition Through Documentary Photography’.

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