Slava Ukraini Exhibition

On 24 February 2022 Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign and democratic nation. This latest offensive succeeds the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and subsequent hybrid war in the country’s Eastern state of Donbas which continues to smoulder.

To date, Russian aggression against Ukraine has claimed an estimated 14,000 Ukrainian lives, displaced more than 10 million people, and left countless civilians with life-changing physical and psychological injuries.

Having failed to capture the capital of Kyiv, Russian forces have now recollected and begun a new, consolidated attack on the Donbas – the historic epicentre of this conflict. The fortified and battle-hardened Eastern front prepares to face some of the most brutal fighting of the war to date, as Putin grasps at his final chance to justify this needless war to the people of Russia by ‘reuniting’ this culturally divided region.

Slava Ukraini is composed of images from Samuel Eder’s award-winning series’ The Face of Donbas and Life on the Line featuring photographs from both sides of the war in Donbas – portraying the victims, witnesses and staging ground of this harrowing conflict. This project was created to raise awareness and generate funds for the lifesaving local NGOs and aid organisations who remain steadfast in supporting the people of Ukraine in this time of unprecedented chaos.

The exhibition title Slava Ukraini translates to “glory to Ukraine” and “long live Ukraine”. This phrase was adopted by the Ukrainian military as their official motto and is widely used in Ukraine as a saying to celebrate their independence and sovereignty. The exhibition will display twenty photographs alongside written accounts from some of the photographs’ subjects.

About the artist

Samuel Eder is an award-winning documentary photographer who worked as a photojournalist in the war zone in eastern Ukraine during 2019 and 2020.

For his series The Face of Donbas, Samuel spent several months photographing life on the frontlines of Ukraine’s war. Visiting both sides of the conflict, he was embedded with troops and worked closely with local aid groups as he photographed this grim conflict and all funds raised will go directly to these groups.

Samuel has continued to work as a photojournalist in the Ukraine conflict zone, and other post-soviet spaces, with his gripping photographs featured in The Guardian, ABC News, National Geographic NL, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Wire, and Radio Free Europe.

Unframed prints available for purchase

The unframed exhibition prints are for sale at the prices listed below. Each print is 76cm wide x 61cm high. All proceeds will be donated to the Halo Trust, Vostok SOS, 2402 Fund and M Corporation.

Please contact BIFB on 03 5331 4833 or info@ballaratfoto.org to arrange your purchase.