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The Lost Archive of Slender O-Kenoshi

Tom Blachford

Unveiled for the first time, we observe the compelling work of Slender O-Kenoshi, the gifted lifestyle photographer entrusted with the challenging role of personal photographer to Lord Darth Vader of the Galactic Empire. O-Kenoshi’s artistry reveals a gentler facet of the ruler famed for his authoritarian rule and typically boisterous demeanour.

The photographs, taken over numerous years during diplomatic visits, spotlight the ephemeral interludes that shaped the empire. These images, unearthed from an interstellar storage unit by photographer Tom Blachford, are rapidly amassing a following due to their candid and opulent portrayal of the formidable leader.

Tom Blachford is a Melbourne-based artist who uses both traditional photography and AI tools to create images. While he’s been focused on architecture and the built environment, he’s recently begun using AI to create new worlds and stories. His work combines a love for nostalgic image making with modern techniques.


Instagram @blachford

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