• Open Program

A Sense of Wonder

Renée Sterling

These landscape images capture a world transformed by motion. Unfixed, unfocused, dissolving, exploding, a world in flux, these images contradict our expectations, generating a sense of wonder. They visualize energy of motion and movement of time; things we normally feel but not see.

Each image incorporates a long exposure time in a camera that travels across a landscape at undeterminable speeds. The camera is pointed at the landscape, the exposure is set, the shutter pressed at will. The speed of the car during the length of shutter speed, and the speed of light bouncing off the landscape converge to create these images.

Renée Sterling is a lifelong photographer.  Renée started with analogue photography, eventually switching to DSLRs and Photoshop.  Renée still draws upon historical photography while taking full advantage of digital photography.  Her images merge traditional aesthetics with contemporary thought to create images that reflect her personal sense of the world.




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