Australian Premiere

Gideon Mendel presents complex narratives and unusual use of portraiture in extreme conditions, portraying the human condition within the context of overwhelming climate events around the world. Part of Mendel’s Drowning World ongoing series, Submerged Portraits is centred around the climate crisis and its devastating impact upon livelihoods and security.

Mendel intimately captures those directly affected, disrupting the expected representations of natural disaster by utilising the levelling nature of their flooded surroundings to create a visual solidarity. Although these portraits are constructed with traditional pose and composition, the surrounding environment is catastrophic. Mendel aims to empower these victims of climate inaction by instilling a powerful agency in their gaze with his intimate documentation of vulnerability, attributing a face and story to often nameless statistics.

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Gideon Mendel [ZAF]~Submerged Portraits
  • Gideon Mendel
    August 28, 2021 - January 9, 2022
    10:00 am - 5:00 pm