The BIFB 2015 Projections Program will comprise 53 audio visuals by 45 artists from 16 countries around the world. The Projections will loop daily at the Ballarat Mining Exchange  from 10am to 5pm daily throughout the festival. The online Screen guide will be available at this page soon with all the information on each of the shows in the BIFB’15 Projections Program.

‘The Hereditary Estate’ [3:42]   Daniel W. COBURN (USA)
‘New Tideland – Kesennuma 2011-2015’ [3:30]     Masaki HIRANO (Japan)
The Forest [1:18]   Drew GARDNER (UK)
’Cry Havoc pt. 1’ [4:30]   David DARE PARKER (AUS)   A
‘iPhone: Guatemala’ [5:12]   Eric MENCHER (USA)
‘Someone’ [5:30]   Kim HAK (Cambodia)
‘travel’AIR’ [6:36]   Mindaugas KAVALIAUSKAS (Lithuania)
‘Minimal Art’ [2:48]   Hossein ZARE (Iran)
‘Empty Spaces’ [1:54]   Katerina BELKINA (Russia)
‘Where Is My Childhood?’ [2:54]   Mathias HENG (Singapore)
‘PowWow: People of Eagle Winds’ [2:30]  Sandra CHEN WEINSTEIN (USA)
[1:42] Ludovico POGGIOLI (Italy)
’One Last Playground’ [2:30]   MD Farhad RAHMAN (Bangladesh)
‘Kennedy Hill’ [4:30] Ingetje TADROS (Holland/Australia) courtesy diimex
‘Strange place at the edge of town’   [4:12]   Aaron CLARINGBOLD (AUS)
‘The Syria that was’ [4:48]   Tony KEARNEY (AUS)
‘La Ville Noire, The Dark Heart of Europe’[3:00]   Giovanni TROILO (Italy) A
‘Nomads Life’
[5:18]   Jeroen TOIRKENS (Holland)   Courtesy Kahmann Gallery
‘5000 Streets’ [2:54] Gary COCKBURN (AUS)
‘2013 – 2015’ [4:36] TRIPTYCH COLLECTIVE
‘Untitled’ [3:30] Kim KEEVER (USA)
‘To Be a Woman in Afghanistan’ [4:30] Hossein FATEMI (Iran)
‘Living in the mist – the last nomads of Nepal’ [2:54]   Kishor SHARMA (Nepal)
‘Relics’ [2:36] Robert MORAN (USA)
‘Surfland’ [2:36]  Joni STERNBACH (USA)
‘Farewell Medo’ [3:06] Ingetje TADROS (Holland/Australia) Courtesy Diimex
‘rYbrYm – Unity’ [4:30]    Kim HAK (Cambodia)
‘Survivors’ [3:18]   Joe P. SMITH (Malta)
‘Kosciuszko to the Kimberley’ [4:12]   John HAY (Australia)
‘Yangon Unplugged’ [2:42]   Vincenzo FLORAMO (Italy)
‘Converging Worlds’ [2:54] Tony JACKSON (AUS)
‘The Key Is Not TO Blink’ [3:06] Ulrik TOFTE (Denmark)
Fish Tank [2:30] Emma ROSE (AUS)
‘Out the other side’ [2:42] Doc ROSS (New Zealand)
‘Facets of India, People of Divine’ [3:00]   Sandra CHEN WEINSTEIN (USA)
‘Those Whose Hands and Hearts are Pure’ [1:48] Michelle ROGERS PRITZL (USA) A
‘Individual’ [3:30]   Motonori SHIMIZU (Japan)
‘AUTO – Portraits & Landscapes’ [2:54] Mindaugas   Kavialauskas (Lithuania)
Tempus Incognitus’ [3:00]  Brad CARLILE (USA)
‘Balloon Brilliance’ [4:30]   Paul JURAK (AUS)
‘Not A Mans World’ [1:42]   Katerina BELKINA (Russia)
‘Lost Venice’ [3:00]   Sarah HADLEY (USA)
‘Seeing the Urban World through a different lens’ [3:18] Tamas KEEFER (AUS)
‘From The Air’ [1:42] Zoe WETHERALL (AUS)
’Cry Havoc pt. 2’ [4:42] David DARE PARKER (AUS) A
A contains adult content or material that may offend. Viewer discretion advised