We are currently inviting applications from venues in and around Ballarat to participate in the Foto Biennale Fringe Program. If you have a space which is suitable for hanging a show – large or small – we would like to hear from you so we can discuss your possible inclusion on our Foto Biennale Fringe Program venue list.

Participation in the Fringe Program is by agreement between venue and artist – not the Foto Biennale and artist.

We are happy to recommend shows that we think will suit a particular space, or alternatively, venues are welcome to find their own shows.

Participation in the Fringe Program is by payment of a registration fee to the BIFB, which will generally be met by the artist. This fee partly covers the cost of venue signage and listing in the program and on the website.

There is no cost to venues, although we do expect venues to conform to the following:
[1] Make available a dedicated wall space to an exhibition rather than having pictures hang amongst general retail mix
[2] Have their own public liability insurance
[3] Open for a minimum of 25 hours per week over the festival period. [we are happy to have venues open for their normal trading hours]
[4] Adhere to the BIFB Risk assessment policy
[5] Display signage [supplied by BIFB] so our audience  know there is a BIFB show at the venue
[6] Fringe artists are required to sign a standard  agreement with their venue
[7] If your venue has an admission charge, that charge  is waived for BIFB members, volunteers and participating artists on production of their official card
[8] Venues are required to sign a standard agreement with the BIFB and provide copy of their public  liability insurance. The agreements are not meant to  be  onerous, but merely setting down expected codes of participation in writing so there are no misunderstanding regarding participation in the Foto Biennale.

Call the office on 5331 4833 to discuss how to get your space on the Foto Biennale Fringe Program venue list